I’m Kim. I’m 26 years old. I live in the flat, corn-filled state of Illinois. I love to read good stories, write bad stories, play with my dog, annoy my boyfriend, doodle and laugh. I’m a fan of the White Sox, Blackhawks and Bears (sorry Bulls…). My ears, nose, and fingers are always cold.

I talk during movies (I know…) and try to guess the endings in advance whenever appropriate (it never is). I’m really into documentaries right now.  I also love horror movies. I see as many as I can, new and old, looking to be kept up at night (which rarely happens but does not diminish the hunt).

I like to include irrelevant information via the use of parentheses (often).

I like Moleskin notebooks, especially after you’ve broken them in. Nothing better.

I’m a right-handed, near-sighted (-6.0 in both eyes), loud-talking Italian and Irish girl (and a bunch of other stuff, including German).

Questions, suggestions, complaints?
Email: KayEyeEm87@gmail.com
Twitter: @kimsta192


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